Boot Camp for Juveniles

About Boot Camp for Juveniles

Most boot camp programs are behavior modification programs that use military training to fix destructive and criminal behavior in adolescents.  Boot camp for juveniles can be same-sex or coeducational programs and are generally very short term programs, ranging from six to twelve weeks.  The majority of boot camp programs are state-funded juvenile programs that are used as an alternative form of punishment to jail.  Many kids involved in the juvenile court system will be sentenced to a shorter term juvenile boot camp program to correct their behavior before being sent to a more dangerous adult correctional facility.  For parents that want to send a child to a boot camp program before their child becomes out of control, there are privately owned boot camp programs available.

How Boot Camp Helps Juveniles

Boot camp for juveniles can be extremely effective if an adolescent has not been involved in poor behavior for a long period of time.  Boot camp can be a great intervention for young kids just showing signs of disobedience or other destructive behavior.  Boot camp is considered a “quick-fix” solution for poor behavior and behavior modification is possible if the right kind of child is introduced to the reality of boot camp.  Boot camps can give attendees the opportunity to develop critical self-discipline tools and the confidence to make good, mature decisions in life.  These programs also provide the structure and routine that all kids benefit from.  This program can be life-altering for a juvenile if used correctly.

How Boot Camp for Juveniles Does Not Help

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Boot camp for juveniles is not an effective program for kids that have displayed destructive behavior for a long period of time, have a short or long-term drug history, and have limited physical abilities or poor health, or show signs of other emotional problems.

Even casual use of certain drugs can cause severe health problems. webmd

For kids that have major challenges in life, boot camp might help develop a change in behavior during attendance of the program, but kids are not given the adequate help to successfully overcome the problems that they face.  Boot camp for juveniles does not have therapeutic resources to approach the underlying issues that a child experiences.  Often times, after a juvenile leaves a boot camp program, he or she will quickly revert to old behavior and habits.  Many kids who have been sentenced to a juvenile boot camp will return quickly after their release, or end up in an adult correctional facility.

Alternative Options to Boot Camp for Juveniles for Better Help

Although boot camp for juveniles can be a beneficial program for young criminal offenders, this type of youth treatment program is not going to be the best option for students that have long-term or severe emotional and/or behavioral problems.  Some of the best alternative options to boot camp for juveniles are our highly successful youth residential treatment centers or our top recommended therapeutic boarding schools.   Our residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are designed to help students uncover their underlying issues and help them understand the cause of their problems.  A lot of destructive juveniles believe that the way that they feel is normal, even when they struggle with a deep depression or anxiety.  Our programs have the professional staff that boot camp for juveniles does not provide, to handle kids with major behavioral problems and help them overcome their personal problems to become successful, well-rounded adolescents.

Every parent wants to find the best kind of treatment for their child and help them transition into the world as successful functioning adults.  Our residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools have the ability to do that and so much more.  Please contact us right now to find out how we can help your child.

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