Boot Camp for Bad Kids

What Is a Boot Camp for Bad Kids?

Many parents explore the idea of boot camp for bad kids as an option for behavior modification.  Bad kids are simply kids that exhibit behavioral problems and who might be involved in criminal behavior.  Most often, boot camp for bad kids refers to juvenile boot camp programs that are state-funded and used as an alternative to jail.  Though there are private boot camps that parents can enroll their troubled kids in, most of the time boot camp attendees are part of the juvenile court system.  Boot camp is generally a short-term intensive training camp that uses military-style physical and mental training to modify the poor behavior of an adolescent.  Some of the attendees have been involved in violent, criminal behavior, while others have drug or theft charges.  Boot camp gives the juvenile court system an alternative to sending an adolescent to an adult correctional facility where kids are housed with more dangerous criminals (you can learn more on our boot camp for young kids page).

Benefits of Boot Camp

The biggest benefit of boot camp for bad kids is the way that the program works as an alternative to adult correctional programs.  Some kids that are involved in the juvenile court system have simply involved themselves in the wrong crowd.  If a child has not had a long term history of destructive or violent behavior, a quick stay at a boot camp could be enough to turn that child back around and get him back on an obedient path.  Parents sometimes use boot camp as a preventative tool against bad behavior in kids.  They will enroll their children in private boot camp programs before their child begins to exhibit defiant behavior or as an intervention program before their child becomes involved in the juvenile court system.

Downsides of Boot Camp for Bad Kids

HMS Kids' Boot Camp
Boot camps do have their disadvantages, however.  One of the biggest downsides to boot camp for bad kids is that most bad kids are not just “bad kids”, but are children who have underlying behavioral or emotional issues that they do not know how to deal with.  Boot camp uses very strict discipline and intense physical activity to scare a child into obedience.  This technique will not work with kids that have major behavioral or emotional problems.

Don’t ever underestimate the emotional difficulties kids may be having.  Many people minimize these things, think they’re a phase, think the kids are weak. These problems are real. -webmd

When a very real emotional problem is not being treated, kids are not going to heal, they are not going to progress, and they are not going to grow out of problem behavior and into successful adults.  Boot camp for bad kids is not a program that is designed to handle the emotional turmoil that some teens experience and definitely will not teach an adolescent the tools they need in and outside of treatment.

Alternative Options to Boot Camp for Bad Kids

Bad kids are not simply bad kids, they are young kids that are struggling and do not know how to cope.  When a child is struggling academically, behaviorally, or emotionally, they need to be guided and taught how to approach the problem and how to correct it themselves.  A successful alternative option to boot camp for bad kids is our residential treatment center.  Our residential treatment center program can help a struggling child understand the personal challenges he or she faces and how to overcome those challenges in the best possible way.  We understand the time and patience a child needs to be supported into appropriate behavior and emotional stability and we are confident that our program can help your child, too.

Please contact one of our representatives right now to learn more about our highly recommended residential treatment centers and what they can provide for your child that a boot camp for bad kids cannot.  We are here because your child is waiting to get the best help possible.

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