Boot Camp for Boys

Welcome to the Boot Camp for Boys website.  This website is devoted to providing the most relevant information regarding boot camp programs and other treatment options for young men.  We hope that the information you find here provides some clarity and gives you the support you are looking for.

What Is a Boot Camp for Boys?

Momma and her BoyBoys style boot camp are a same-sex short-term intense training program that uses a military-base style of training that teaches students the importance of respect, self-discipline and respect.  These programs use intense physical and mental training as behavior modification techniques and are very structured with consistent discipline and expectations of the enrollees.  Many boot camp programs are court-ordered alternatives to jail for juvenile criminals.  Students can only be court-ordered to these programs, but there are some private boot camp programs that parents can choose for their children before a young man becomes involved with the juvenile court system.  Boot camp generally lasts about 6-8 weeks.  Court ordered programs usually have an after-care program that is similar to probation for adults and helps to keep kids under control after they have left the program.

Can Boys Benefit From Boot Camp?

There are definite benefits to a boot camp for boys program.  For instance, if the program is used as a preventative tool to keep young men from transitioning into troublesome behavior, the program can be a big reality check before any problem behavior starts.  It can also be used as an intervention tool before poor behavior gets too out of hand.  If a boy is just starting to display destructive behavior and the behavior has not been going on for too long, a boot camp for boys program can kick the behavior out before it becomes too much to deal with.  Another benefit of boot camp programs is for the juvenile court system.  Teens that have gotten in trouble with the law can be referred to a short-term juvenile boot camp as an alternative to jail.  This keeps the adolescent boys away from being housed with more dangerous criminals, and sentencing is often much shorter than it would be if they were sentenced to an adult jail.

What Are the Downsides to Boot Camp for Boys?

Boot camp for boys is not without its downsides, though.  One of the biggest problems of boot camp programs is that they are designed to be tough and strict and do not offer programs that can find the underlying cause of destructive, violent, or criminal behavior in young men and work to correct the problem.Boy Band Boot Camp  Boot camp for boys is often used as a quick fix treatment, but boys that have struggled with behavioral and emotional issues do not usually find the real help that they need in boot camp.  The most unfortunate downside to boot camps is the very aggressive training that kids receive that have resulted in death in some circumstances.

Alternative Options to Boot Camp for Boys

As a safe and constructive alternative to boot camp for boys, we highly recommend our featured residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools.  Our residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools use different therapeutic approaches to identify the challenges that a young man faces, to help him understand his challenges and how to cope with them, and to provide him with the tools that he needs to overcome his personal challenges and to progress in life.  These programs provide structure and discipline, like boot camp for boys does, but in a very safe and progressive way.

If you would like more information about how our successful residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools can help you and your child, please contact us now.  Our representatives want to help you find the best kind of treatment option for your child.

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